Tips for Getting Involved

Here are some of the many ways to get involved in solving environmental problems.

Speak Out: Whether you sending a letter to your Senator, gently reminding your friends to vote, or testifying in a county commission meeting, your voice really counts. Your involvement in environmental issues makes our democracy work. Without it, the only voices that are heard are those with a vested interest. Please see Action Alerts for issues that need immediate attention today.

Vote: Voting is the easiest, most important thing you can do to ensure that current environmental laws are protected and implemented, and new laws are written. If you want to preserve the environment and protect public health, make sure to VOTE!

Reduce, ReUse, Recycle: It's easy to recycle. It's just as easy to reduce your consumption of energy and material goods once you get in the habit. There are a lot of resources on how to make your personal contribution to a healthier planet. Try contacting METRO Recycling Hotline and the Northwest Earth Institute.

Volunteer: There are many ways in which to volunteer. You can join an event to clean-up debris, plant trees, or remove invasive species. You can learn to monitor wildlife, habitat, or water quality. You can stuff envelopes and answer telephones in an office. You can help analyze government documents and prepare public comments. Everything that you do as a volunteer is important. But remember, environmental organizations spend time and resources getting ready to host you as a volunteer. Make sure that you plan to follow through before you make a commitment!


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