NWEA to Federal Agencies: New Oregon Logging Rules Deficient

NWEA Alerts EPA and NOAA to Deficiencies in New Oregon Logging Rules

Following federal agencies’ January disapproval of Oregon’s coastal logging practices, NWEA has written the agencies to alert them to deficiencies in the development of new logging rules for private forests. The Oregon Department of Forestry has been slowly moving to adopt rules to respond to a study it complete that demonstrates current logging rules result in warming of stream temperatures.

NWEA’s letter details how Oregon is ignoring its own clean-up plans, called Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs), that change the legal requirements for meeting state water quality standards for temperature. The letter notes that “as a result of this mistaken reading” by the Department of Forestry and the Governor’s Office, the proposed new Oregon logging rules will not apply to all the streams to which it is required, it will not curtail pollution to the extent needed, and it will not extend to streams that are upstream of those which support salmon and steelhead.

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