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Membership in NWEA provides us with obviously needed financial support. But membership is so much more. We rely on members to provide NWEA with legal standing that is, the right to file lawsuits on your behalf. So join today, sliding scale, from zero to infinity!

When you support NWEA, you do more than make sure that the nations environmental laws are upheld. Because were often the go-to group on clean water issues, you are helping the citizens groups and journalists across the region and the country who rely on NWEA.

In enforcing the nations environmental laws, NWEA guarantees you an old-fashioned no frills operation---giving you highly credible and vigorous advocacy without fancy slogans and glossy magazines. Quite frankly, that means we really put your financial contribution to work, whether were going to court or helping citizens in their own backyard. I hope that you will consider making a tax-deductible contribution to NWEA. We can guarantee you that your tax deductible contribution will be put to good use!

Thanks for your support!
Nina Bell
Executive Director

Note: NWEA has a long standing policy of not selling or sharing member information for any reason. 

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